Property FAQs

  • What are the benefits of building versus buying?

    In a word: Customizability. Buying a pre-existing structure with the hope of modifying it to suit your needs may not always work out as easily as expected. That house was made with someone else in mind, and not built specifically for you. Buying a home instead of building, means accepting compromises in design, even with the best renovation teams available.

  • Do you serve International clientele?

    Yes. Many of our clients come from other countries, with varied backgrounds. We are prepared to deal with language barriers and have formed great relationships with our International clients.

  • Can I pay in any other currency than CAD$ ?

    Yes. We will work with you or your financial advisors to negotiate the most equitable arrangement for payment. If that means working in another currency, then we will address that as part of the negotiation.

  • Can you help me to purchase land anywhere in Vancouver BC?

    Yes. Although we are considered specialists of the Shaughnessy district of Vancouver, we will be able to assist you with all property purchases and developments within the Greater Vancouver region.