Want The Perfect High-End Pool? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

November 29, 2016

A gorgeous pool can be the dazzling centrepiece of your custom built luxury home’s outdoor living space. But how can you be sure that your pool is both a reflection of your individuality and flawlessly suited to your needs? Answering these 3 questions will help you make the right choices.

How Do You Want The Experience To Feel?

want-the-perfect-high-end-pool-ask-yourself-these-3-questionsLuxury and quality aren’t strictly products of the tangible, they are an experience, an emotion that evokes a specific mindset. So when you’re thinking about your perfect pool, ask yourself what it is that you want to feel each time you use it. Relaxed? Transformed? Invigorated? Formulating an answer will help guide our top notch design team, enabling them to use their skill and panache to make your desire a reality. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’re happy to arrange a personal tour of some of our past landscaping projects.

Which Features Are Must Haves?

Once you’ve identified what you want your pool experience to feel like, start thinking about which features may best stimulate that sensation. Here are a few suggestions:

Fire Elements: When you achieve the perfect balance between fire and water, the sensory effects can be dramatic. If fire is something you’d like to include in your pool area, there are numerous ways to do so including elaborate pits, bowls, and lanterns. And for convenience, these elements can be ignited at the push of a button or from your smartphone.

Spas: Spas offer a great way to soothe your body and your soul, plus they make it easy to enjoy your pool area year round. While the design options for spas are essentially limitless, many of our clients have chosen to integrate their spas directly into their pools, incorporating mesmerizing visual effects such as cascading water.

Media: A state-of-the-art home screening room is a great way to enjoy your favourite films. But imagine being able to watch the latest blockbuster lazily floating on a raft or enjoying a cocktail poolside…the experience would be one-of-a-kind. With an outdoor home theatre system, there’s no need to imagine. And, with integrated sound technology, you can also set the right mood for every gathering.

How Does The Pool Fit Into The Larger Exterior?

For our clients, luxury is a complete vision, not made by a single element. So when contemplating your ideal pool, keep in mind that it will be only one aspect of your outdoor living area. Deciding how you want your outdoor space to function will give our designers insight as to the best way to incorporate water features into the larger motif.

At Cameron Jones, we only serve clients who demand the very best, without compromise. If you’re looking for a luxury home builder who shares that ethos, get in touch with us today.