Envisioning The Perfect Wine Cellar? Here Are 4 Features To Consider

October 17, 2016

Just as no French estate or Italian villa would be complete without a cave a vin or cantina, for those of us who appreciate fine wines, a wine cellar is an absolute must have. So when you’re incorporating a wine cellar into your custom built luxury home’s design, here are four important features to think about.


4-features-for-the-perfect-wine-cellarTraditionally, wine cellars were hidden away, with functionality being the primary concern. These days, however, wine cellars don’t need to be subterranean: in fact, custom made wine cellars have become showpiece features that are integrated into a luxury home’s living space. And the results can be truly breathtaking, providing both a stunning entertaining space and the perfect environment for preserving your investment. That said, conventional wisdom suggests that vibrations can affect a wine’s maturation process, disturbing the sediment found in the bottle. To eliminate this concern, your cellar should be located in an area with a solid foundation.


If you’ve visited some of the world’s finest wineries, you probably noticed that their aging rooms are quite dark. That’s because wines are highly light sensitive; not only can light affect a wine’s shade, exposure for as little as three hours can significantly alter its flavour and aroma. So when designing your wine cellar, be conscious of how much natural sunlight is present in your home. When choosing an ambient lighting scheme, think minimally and avoid fluorescent bulbs which emit damaging UV-rays, opting instead for LED lighting. Adding a dimmer switch is another great idea. Not only will it help you ensure you’re keeping your collection in peak drinking condition, but it can set just the right mood no matter the occasion.


When it comes to wine cellar flooring, there are lots of great options to choose from. But given that preserving your collection requires a cool, humid environment, carpet is not one of them. Instead, look for humidity-resistant materials such as stone, ceramic tiles, or marble. Wood can also be a stylish, yet practical, choice. And, if you’d like to add a quintessentially Canadian touch, consider flooring your wine cellar with reclaimed barrels from a local vintner. Not only will the naturally stained wood add warmth and charm, the branding on the barrels, which identified the wine aged within, is a unique feature that’s sure to impress even the most detail oriented guests.


Whether your wines are for enjoyment or they are part of your investment portfolio (or a bit of both), security is critical. Whatever your needs, from simple locks to cutting edge surveillance technology, be sure to safeguard your collection.

At Cameron Jones, we appreciate our clients’ passion for the finest life has to offer, wine included. We, too, have a passion: constructing extraordinary homes that offer an ideal combination of opulence and livability. If you’re ready to create something amazing, get in touch with us today.