Creating A Cameron Jones Luxury Kitchen

January 17, 2017

A Cameron Jones Home is a home that is built under the careful and personal attention to detail of Cameron Jones himself. One of the areas of a Shaughnessy Luxury Home that is most often given the most careful level of detail, is the kitchen. Cameron works tirelessly with you, the homeowner to determine exactly what type of kitchen is necessary to create the kitchen of your dreams.

After spending countless hours flipping through magazines admiring luxury kitchen designs featuring high-end appliances, high-quality materials and the latest technologies, no doubt you feel ready to share your ideas to make your new kitchen a reality. A luxury kitchen without the restraints of a budget opens up a world of possibilities and by following some helpful guidelines, you can keep the process from becoming overwhelming.

Kitchen layout options

creating-a-cameron-jones-luxury-kitchenBefore you can start looking through material and appliance choices, you need to choose the right layout for your luxury kitchen. There are no galley kitchens in Cameron Jones Homes, even if they are a popular choice for smaller homes, when you have the space of a Shaughnessy home, you’re not limited to a narrow kitchen built between two main walls. For true Shaughnessy luxury, consider the following layout choices.

L-shaped layout

L-shaped kitchen layouts feature an angled area for cleaning and cooking, which creates increased room for storage. An L-shaped kitchen also leaves room for a coveted kitchen island that can provide additional work, storage and seating area.

U-shaped layout

For the ultimate in luxury kitchen design, choose a U-shaped layout. With this layout, you have three walls available for storage, cleaning, cooking and other tasks. The larger square footage required for a U-shaped layout leaves plenty of room for a substantial central kitchen island. The ample room for storage, to prepare food, clean, and even handle tasks like office and schoolwork, makes the U-shaped layout ideal for functional luxury. The larger kitchen island provides a place for a wine fridge, second sink, additional burners, seating and so much more.

Appliance options

Without budget constraints, your choices for appliances, cooking implements and accessories is nearly limitless. You can invest in double sinks, chef-quality ranges with more than the standard number of burners, double-door refrigerators and innovative ovens that cook faster than traditional models. A quiet, water and energy-efficient dishwasher makes cleanup easy and layers of light featuring under cabinet, task, ambient and decorative lighting provides the ideal work and entertaining space.

Style considerations

Luxury kitchens tend to lean toward modern, contemporary or traditional styles to compliment the rest of the home. However, when designed well and built to compliment the rest of the home, a luxury kitchen can have a country, rustic or even farmhouse style. An experienced architect can create the ideal luxury kitchen to fit your home and your desires.

Material choices

The material choices for countertops, backsplashes, cabinets and flooring need to be high-quality, attractive and durable enough to withstand daily use. A common choice for countertops and backsplashes is granite as it comes in a variety of styles and colours. To take your countertop to the next level, consider a soapstone countertop or backsplash such as the ones visible here.  Step up the style of your sink and stovetop backsplashes with a tile mosaic that draws the eye and adds an artistic touch. Luxury flooring needs to do more than look good, it needs to withstand the constant kitchen traffic and messes with low maintenance and durability. Cabinets in luxury kitchens can be custom made from a variety of high-quality materials such as exotic hardwoods. Cabinet doors featuring sophisticated molding or the simpler sleek look of contemporary or modern styles receive the perfect finish with high-quality hardware. All cabinets in luxury kitchens feature the finest craftsmanship and durable construction.

Creating your ultimate luxury kitchen design takes time and requires thorough research and planning. Thankfully, when you work with Cameron Jones we can greatly cut that effort down to provide the shortest distance between today and your dream luxury kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. Get in touch today, we love to talk kitchen!